Making a Difference

We want to help you navigate through the process of finding resources, products and services to guide you and your loved one through cancer treatment. Our mission is to bring joy and laughter into your life. We are proud to support these amazing non-profits and small business owners who our trying to spread the word and make this tough transition a little easier.

Team Connor Childhood Cancer Foundation

TEAM CONNOR Childhood Cancer Foundation

TeamConnor’s purpose is to serve families, build awareness, and raise funds for research to help cure childhood cancer.  




CanPlan is a personal planner specifically designed to assist cancer patients and caregivers with the daily battle against cancer by providing words of encouragement, reminders for positive living, and a tracking method to monitor the illness from beginning to end.

 Amazing Annabelle

AMAZING ANNABELLE A Children's Book for Kids with Cancer

Amazing Annabelle will bring joy to kids with cancer, and help them cope with the scary parts of their diagnosis and treatment.


Happ Chemo


Happy Chemo! connects cancer patients and caregivers with discounts, freebies, exclusive offers, and helpful resources, provided by partner companies and organizations, to assist them before, during and after cancer treatment.


Cancer Talk USA

CANCER TALK USA Online Support Community

Gives you access to training, tools and gatherings that support your commitment to living a life of joy, gratitude and prosperity regardless of the challenges you face.


Feeling Whole Again

FEELING WHOLE AGAIN Realistic Nipple Prosthetics

Provides custom nipple prostheses for breast cancer survivors.