About us

Laughter is a medicine with no side effects.

Our Story:
Warrior Cancer Cards is owned and ran by a spunky pair of best friends. Bridgette Crull and Nanci Bauer overwhelm every space they share with heart, passion and random expletives. Their brains meld together in any creative process to produce whimsical, humorous and thoughtful cards, often taken from the experiences of clients, family and friends. In 2010, the girls created, “Warrior Cancer Greeting Cards” a complete cancer card line in memory of their family members. They created the Warrior line when they noticed that all of the cards out there were cliche. So, they started working on a line with heart, humor, inspiration and motivation suited for warriors as well as caregivers.

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The prescription was created with the intention of providing alternative, humorous and creative cancer cards sent weekly, monthly and yearly to those battling cancer. Because they aren't battling cancer for one week or one month, it can be years.

"Remember to still be there a few months after the diagnosis, when it's not so new anymore. The fanfare will have died down, but your friend will still be struggling and needing logistical and emotional help." ~ Elana Miller, MD

In the beginning, cancer warriors are surrounded by family and friends. As time goes on, they are unintentionally forgotten while still going through the process months and years later. So, this is a perfect way to keep in touch and send your strength and encouragement through the mail every month. So bring a smile to your Warrior’s face as they receive a monthly card in the mail and let them know you are fighting the battle with them.