Where have all the open-minded Sales Reps gone?

As you have noticed, I capitalized Sales Rep in my title due to the fact sales reps have you by the nuts. When did a sales rep determine your success or failure? Let me start from the beginning. We started a cancer card line called "Warrior Cancer Cards" that has been featured in USA Today, local  Dallas Newspapers, Cancer bloggers and we even successfully raised money on Kickstarter.

You would think that would be enough creds on the street for them to look at our line. Wait!  I have a few more scenarios, we sent catalogues and  visited cancer hospitals throughout the Dallas area only to be told we were to "edgy" or "sorry all of our gift shops are owned by someone named Rhymes with sori"(I am thinking she has a contract with hallmark and no cool cards are allowed in) The funny part is all of her managers loved our lines and wanted us to be in their stores. Several of them said the cards in the gift shop are just gathering dust. Hmm? God forbid they make a change or take a chance on a hip and trendy greeting card company.

So, what would you do next? Well, we sent several card samples to greeting card reps, who either sent us a standard get lost letter or they said they were excited about seeing our cards and never called back after several attempts. So what the hell are we suppose to do. How are we suppose to support our families and make a difference in the world on how we look at cancer and talk about it?

Well, I'll tell you how... Stay tuned and we are going being knocking on a few doors and this time around not take no for an answer and then ask them why they are stuck with the old taboo of empathy and get well cards. No one wants to be told get well. It sounds like a death sentence. I want someone to make me laugh and look forward to the future. So, I will keep a journal on my visits with pictures of course and tell you how we made out. Today is October 25th and by the end of this week, we will have our plan secured and are walking shoes on and we will take no prisoners. Here's hoping we don't get arrested. Monday, I will have our plan ready to tell you what stores and hospitals we will be going to and posting pics. Wish us luck!!!!!!