We need to face everyday with a Card in our Pocket

Pay it Forward

Yesterday I had to run an errand to Target as I was rushing to get out and get back to my daily grind. Something slowed me down. I was standing in line at the check out and this beautiful round-faced woman was purchasing 5 hats of all shapes and colors and crazy printed stripes leotards. Well, I watched this woman with her calm exterior, soft-spoken voice, psychedelic pants and navy fedora hat that framed her beautifully bald head, talk about what a great day it was. It stopped me in my tracks. Here I was rushing around to get back to work and this lady had probably just gone through treatment that day and she was buying hats and colorful clothes to make herself look and feel better while going through her treatment.

Then I remembered, that I had an inspirational card from our cancer warrior greeting card line in my purse. I never put cards in my purse, except I was going to mail cards that morning and I printed some that had ink marks on the back and they just weren’t perfect. So, I threw them in my purse to use to jot down notes.

So, as this beautiful stranger proceeded to check out and exit the store. I thought we always say our cards are for those moments when you don’t know what to say. So, I ran over to this inspirational woman and tapped her shoulder. I gave her the card and apologized for it not having and envelope. She smiled at me and I turned and walked away.

As I walked to my car, I started to tear up and thought from now on, I am going to carry my cards in my purse and not be afraid to share a special moment with a stranger.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we all randomly gave a note of encouragement to a complete stranger? All I know, is I wish I would have hugged her, not for her, but for me, because at that moment and time I wanted to thank her for bringing me down to earth and letting me know how precious life is. We need to face everyday with a smile and a card in our pocket.


Give a card to a stranger - bring a smile to a face. Who knows what that little note of inspiration will do. Take a photo of you and the card or the stranger(with their permission of course) and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #CardInMyPocket

Let's send smiles around the world.