Running a successful Kickstarter Campaign..

Preparation, preparation and more preparation is the key to success in reaching your Kickstarter Goal. This blog is what worked for us and what didn't work for us. We launched a successful campaign. YAY! However, we would have made some changes looking back.

 We should have done-

1. We should have built up more of an audience on our Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin four months before we launched.

2. We should have sent press releases out to the community newspapers and not the AP wire. Don't pay for PR distribution. If you do, make sure they send your release out to national and local media. We found out that some of them send out to obscure media outlets that will not benefit your campaign.

3. We should have asked other Kickstarter campaigns early on to donate a $1.00. Kickstarter will feature you, if you have a lot of pledges no matter the amount. Who knew?

4. We should have never paid companies that claimed they could increase your social media. If you want the list: e-mail us at

What we did-

1. Networking in our community. Almost all of our funds came from people we reached out to in our own community. We hung up posters in local coffee shops and restaurants, talked to store owners, reached out through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, business e-mails and we talked to friends, family and clients.

2. Every day we used social media. Not only during the campaign, but before. We posted how many days until launch, how many days were left and interesting tidbits throughout the day. 3 to 5 posts and tweets each day.

3. Reached out to forums related to Kickstarter that would feature our product

4. We reached out to other cancer campaigns to partner with them and boost our appeal. Plus-now we have connections for the future.

5. I wish I would have told my story sooner on why the cancer card subscription was so personal. We told it at the end and noticed we received more pledges and more coverage. Tell Your Story.