World Cancer Day "I can.We can"


“It’s a time when organizations and individuals around the world come together to raise awareness to make cancer a global health priority,” said Theresa Young, senior marketing director for the American Cancer Society’s Delmarva chapter.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for 8.2 million deaths per year and according to UICC, one-third of cancer cases can be prevented through healthy lifestyle changes. The top recommended lifestyle changes include quitting smoking, adopting a healthy, balanced diet, exercising regularly and reducing exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

“World Cancer Day is an opportunity for us to urge individuals to take action with not only their personal health but with their community as well,” Ms. Young said.

The ACS suggests one way to make an impact on the community is to call or write to state health organizations and legislators to encourage them to do more to promote cancer awareness and to better represent patients when it comes to screening and access to care.

Taking both personal and community measures for cancer awareness embodies World Cancer Day’s theme of “I can. We can.”

by: Asthon Brown