Sending a card every week gives strength to Cancer Warriors

Greeting cards are a source of great strength.  Receiving multiple cards gives encouragement, strength and comfort knowing you haven’t been forgotten.  Two Years ago, we received the below e-mail from a client about needing several cards to send her brother.

“Hi I'm interested in some funny cancer /radiation/ chemo cards for my beloved brother who was recently diagnosed. He is by far the funniest person I have ever known and can sometimes be a little inappropriate in his language so that would be fine too. I'd like to start with a set of 6-10 cards whatever you can do If you could let me know I'd appreciate it”‘Jim was diagnosed with esophageal cancer that has spread to his brain. He's now in radiation therapy. Once he gets the brain cancer under control then he'll start chemo to battle the primary tumor. I can't even explain how terrific he is and if you ask him he'll tell you he feels great. No sadness for him! Love the kick ass card (as we have mini donkeys) if you could make up a packet of
your most sarcastic funny and if I can say it, I kind of like the FU cancer cards because that's what he said when the Drs told him the terrible news. Hope that doesn't offend you.”Thanks, Patricia

Patricia, that definitely does not offend us.

We noticed a common thread with Patricia’s e-mail that most of our clients wanted to send their friends and family multiple cards to give their Warriors motivation, support and love through this rollercoaster that is cancer. We knew that our mission to create humorous and truly heartfelt cards were making an impact on our friends, family and complete strangers, but we started to become more and more aware of the need for multiple cards. This is what sparked the idea of creating a cancer card subscription. It provides the opportunity to keep in touch with your Warriors no matter what is going on in your life. They will always know you are thinking of them.

We reached out to Patricia and asked how her brother was feeling not knowing he had passed. “I spent as much time with him as possible and laughed and cried, and when I wasn't able to be there I sent your funny and heartfelt cards and he loved them.” Thanks, Patricia

Jim and Patricia’s story made us cry, smile and motivated us to create cancer cards that spoke for the Warrior and Supporter. We feel lucky and blessed to wake up everyday and try and make a small impact on this crazy world and look forward to our new friends we will meet along the way.

In honor of Patricia and Jim, our gifts from God…..